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The Law Office of Aron D. Robinson handles cases involving the following areas of practice:

Consumer and Complex Litigation
The consumer litigation practice of the Law Office of Aron D. Robinson constitutes a substantial part of the firm’s caseload. Whether the claim involves a small amount or substantial sums, parties are normally entitled to have their disputes resolved by a court of law. Consumers should be aware that even when only a few dollars are involved they have many avenues available to protect their rights. Frequently small claims are brought as a class action. (Read About Class Actions) This allows the court to determine if one situation is closely related to numerous other similar claims and handle them all together. Some people argue that this levels the playing field, especially when the defendant is a large well-financed corporation.

Aron D. Robinson of the Law Office of Aron D. Robinson has handled consumer and class action litigation for over 17 years in courts across the country. (See Representative Cases) This experience allows him to properly analyze applicable legal avenues to maximize the client’s position. He has represented both plaintiffs and companies in class action litigation.

Complex litigation may be simply a substantial case with very complex handling and discovery issues and it is often similar to a class action. It may involve common claims aggregated in one court system for handling even though the case will be returned to a different court for trial. This is what is referred to as Multi-District Litigation. Aron Robinson has been and is involved in handling complex and Multi-District Litigation.

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Closely Held Corporate Matters
Closely held corporations and their shareholders are normally subject to a different set of legal principals than normal corporations. A closely held corporation is one with between two to a few shareholders. They have many of the legal protections afforded to corporations in connection with dealings with the public. However, the relationship between the shareholders is often treated more like a partnership with fiduciary duties and obligations between the shareholders. Closely held corporations and their owners must be aware of their duties and obligations before disputes arise and ensure that potential issues are dealt with at the inception rather than in the courtroom.

The Law Office of Aron D. Robinson has represented shareholders and corporations involved in disputes in litigation and at trial.

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Appellate Representation
The handling of an appeal is quite different than handling the matter in the trial court. Not every “mistake” made by the trial court in hearing a matter will provide a basis to overturn the result. Appeals may involve purely legal issues, procedure, or factual considerations. Appellate counsel must recognize which issues are likely to interest the court and maximize the result for the client. Appellate strategy must commence at the trial court level before the court has ruled.

Aron D. Robinson has handled scores of appeals for clients before appellate courts in Illinois and in courts from California to Washington D.C. He has argued before the Supreme Court of Illinois, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals and other state and federal appellate courts. He has also participated in the briefing and preparation for argument before the United States Supreme Court. Some of the reported cases in which Mr. Robinson has participated may be found here. (See, Representative Cases -Appellate.)

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General Litigation
The Law Office of Aron D. Robinson handles a wide variety of general litigation as well. From personal injuries such as accident and compensation cases to general business and contract matters, the Law Office of Aron D. Robinson has represented its clients achieving favorable results.

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